Hurray!!! HPE has released the latest version of Load Runner v12.53. It brings a lot of new features along with improvisations on the existing ones. Let us see what HPE has got in-store for the performance testers with this new release.

Main Features:

  • Git integration in VuGen
  • 64-bit replay support in various Java protocols and C Vuser protocol
  • New PCoIPLatest up (remote access) protocol
  • Enhanced SAPUI5 recording in TruClient
  • HTTP Video Streaming (HTML5, HLS) support
  • HTTP/2 support
  • REST step-builder editor in VuGen
  • JSON manipulation APIs
  • Web – HTTP/HTML and Mobile Application – HTTP/HTML protocol unification
  • Linux load generator improvements
  • Enhancements to Java-based protocols

TruClient Enhancements


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