COM/DCOM is one of the toughest load runner protocols to deal with. It is always good to go through these error handling tips and tricks whilst using COM/DCOM protocol.  These are some of the errors you might encounter whislt using COM\DCOM protocol in HPE Load Runenr.
Protocol: COM/DCOM
Tool: HPE Load Runner

  1. Error: Vuser failed to initialize extension vbascriptext.dll.
    Reasons: VBA not installed on the Controller or Vugen Machine
    Solution: Install the VBA Setup from the start->All Programs-> Load Runner -> Tools -> VBA Setup
  2. Error: 3021 – Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted.
    Requested operation requires a current record
    Reasons: While recording, LoadRunner saves the content of a recordset into a file using the save function from ADO::Recordset.
    To implement this, LoadRunner will move the pointer to the EOF. If the application cannot detect the pointer position,
    and tries to move the pointer that is already at the EOF, it will cause a problem or crash.
    Solution: Turn off the “Save recordset content” options in Recording Options
    Turn off the “Save recordset content” option in Recording Options. This will allow the application to move on, but it will
    also lose the Grids.
  3. Error: VBA Script Error: Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record.
    Source: ADODB.Field
    wCode: 0 (0x00000000)
    sCode: -2146825267 (0x800a0bcd)
    Help Context: C:\WINDOWS\HELP\ADO270.CHM (1240645)
    Reasons: If the record you are looking for does not exist in the current context.
    Solution: Stage data properly
  4. Error: 0x800a0006 Buffer Overflow
    Reasons: Type Conversion problem. Trying to convert a value larger than 32767 into an integer. (error occured when OrderNumber is greater than 32767)
    Solution: try using clng instead of cint.
  5. Error: 0x800A000D Type mismatch
    Reasons: wrong Type for the sending argument
    Solution: clng,cbool,cint,cstr etc
  6. Error: 0x800A005B Object variable or with block variable not set
    Reasons: permissions
    Solution: give the user complete folder permissions
  7. Error: Run-time error 383. ‘Text’ property is readonly
    Private Sub Form_Load()
    With Combo1 ‘Style = 2 Dropdown list
    .AddItem “One”
    .AddItem “Two”
    .AddItem “Three”
    End With
    End SubPrivate Sub Command1_Click()
    ‘No error
    Text = “Two”
    End SubPrivate Sub Command2_Click()
    ‘383 error
    Combo1.Text = “Four”
    End Sub
    Solution: Pass the correct value for the drop down boxes
  8. Error : ADODB.Recordset (0x800A0E78)Reason:
    set dbs = Server.CreateObject(“ADODB.Connection”)dbs.Open strODBC
    set rst = dbs.Execute(strSQL)

    Do not use a recordset to execute a query that does not return records. in
    fact, tell ADO not to bother constructing an expensive recordset object:
    dbs.Execute strSQL,,129

    The 129 is a combination of 1 (adCmdText) and 128 (adExecuteNoRecords). If
    you have a metadata tag referencing the ADO type library dbs.Execute strSQL,, adCmdText + adExecuteNoRecords

    Solution: use simple queries to update or insert.

  9. If you get PID not found Error while recording then follow the below steps:
    • Record the script without any libraries added.
    • Find  for the error in the script
    • lrc_Properties_get_Count (error! not found PID: 3852 interface pointer address: 03D68660, &c, CHECK_HRES);
    • select this PID number-3852 and search for it in the interface.h file in the script below action
    • copy the GUUID code like this {6FE588D3-D223-4C20-B16B-BC6564710856}
    • go to recording options-type libraries-exclude-enter this value in GUID field -ok
    • Then record the script again.
  10. Adding Libraries.How to find the libraries which we need to add before recording.

    Need to ask the Project team about which libraries will really create load on the server.

    Record the script without any libraries added.

    Go to script folder->Data->lr_debug_list-xxx-> and add all the libraries written in this file to the Recording options –Type library –Add

    Record the script again with these recording options again.

    Adding the libraries is more important, because if you are not adding the libraries the script will be small, but while replaying the exe (i.e. application) is not getting listed in the task manager. It means the script is just running without invoking the application.

  11. Getting Spill Too large Error while Replaying.After the scripts are recorded, while replaying with extended log, In the middle of replaying you will get Spill too large error and the vugen will close or hang.
    • Close the script and clear the temp.
    • Go to tools-option- disable runtime viewe
    • Run the script